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Caring For Our Environment


At Wychitella Holdings Pty Ltd we understand the importance of environmental preservation. As wholesalers of a
range of the highest quality timber based products, we recognise our responsibility to source, wherever possible, timber harvested through sustainable practices.

Sustainable timber means that a harvested tree is replaced by another tree, whether naturally grown or planted. Unlike most other materials, 'Sustainability' is not only about quantity, but also about the ecological quality of the forest. 'Sustainable Timber' means that regardless of the extraction of individual trees, the forest maintains its ecological function in bio diversity, climate and water cycles. 'Sustainable' is also about people.
This implies that local people are involved in the benefits from the forest.

As supply of other resources becomes scarce, the need for renewable materials is even greater.
Timber and value added timber based products are the increasingly obvious choice for many areas of
production. Timber is, after all, the original renewable environmentally friendly building product.

Not only is timber a renewable resource, it is enviromentally ahead of steel, concrete, aluminium and other products. For every tonne of all timber products manufactured, 370kg of CO2 is released into the atmosphere.
The same tonne in steel releases 800kg: concrete 2300kg and aluminium a staggering 17,700kg.
(Statistics source: Australian Greenhouse Office).

Many Challenges now face the timber industry in the areas of sustainable harvest and forest management,
in both aspects of social and economic responsibility.

At Wychitella Holdings Pty Ltd, it is our goal to provide timber and timber products that are based on sustainable production. We consistently encourage all of our suppliers to maintain carefully managed methods and
practices in accordance with statutory requirements. We strive to ensure that our products are created
using the best quality timbers from suppliers with the best environmental conditions.

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